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Snake Plisskin
Director: Chris Notarile
Screenplay: Chris Notarile
Production Company: Blinky Productions

After escaping New York, Snake Plissken, stuck in Jersey, decides to go for a beer and just relax. Little does he know, that big trouble isnít too far behind. Moments after Snake arrives in the bar, Jack Burton enters after a long haul cross-country. He takes a seat at the bar next to Snake and orders a beer of his own. As the two begin to awkwardly converse, Dredeye (the Dukeís younger brother) enters the bar with his gang, and is looking for the man who killed his brother. While Snake tries to blend in, Jack instantly mouths off at Dredeye. Sure enough, all hell breaks loose as Jack and Snake are forced to team up as they now have to escape big trouble in New Jersey.
Mar Omega ... Snake Plisskin
Airon Armstrong ... Jack Burton
Alfred Rutherford ... Dreadeye
Ian Mcgrady ... Smart Guy
Korey Fackler ... Fu
Alison Chin ... Spider
Chidoze Obasi ... Brass
Vaughn Nelson ... Hammer

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